Welcome to anyone visiting from the Master Key Mastermind Alliance course. 🙂

For those regular readers who are curious about this, I am blogging about my experiences here.

Warning: this is very advanced stuff. I have been in therapy of some sort since 1998, and I would NOT advise someone who just got diagnosed to attempt this, especially if you have no support.

Edited to add: there are some of you that this will help, and even if you’re not in that category, they did give me a resource which I think you’ll find really useful, even if you have just been diagnosed or are in a bad state right now. Click here to read more.

To everyone else: this blog has very little to do with the MKMMA, although I will write about some of the things that are happening which pertain to my system here. Click here to read those posts.

Please be respectful of the others who post here, both in my system and those outside the system who comment. Do not comment until you have read all the other pages that I have provided – it will be obvious if you haven’t done that. 😉

Thanks for your cooperation.


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