About me



Mother of three

Retired physician

Organic gardener

Fiber artist



Who happens to have MPD/DID.

I was diagnosed with MPD/DID in 1999, after going to doctors for physical ailments (that no one could figure out and here I was a doctor myself) for years before that. I’ve been in various forms of treatments/therapies ever since, with some pretty good results.

Pam and Suzanne (two of my group) have agreed to keep track of this and help keep it going. So hopefully out of the three of us there will be something we write that interests you.



  1. i used to be a doctor too, until they wouldn’t let me work anymore. i have did.

  2. Hey there. I have a terrible memory, so please forgive me if we’ve “met” before. But I have my own blog at http://www.thoughtsfromj8.com and have been running a petition to make the curriculum for Masters degree grad students require an in-depth study of trauma and dissociation. I am at the point of writing the actual missive that will be sent to those in charge. I’d be interested in corresponding with you if you have time. You seem to have a lot more of the data down that I am needing to include (I know it, I just can’t remember the sources) and perhaps a better grasp of the cultural implications overall. Can we email? Talktoj8@gmail.com – hope to hear from you. 🙂

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