Posted by: ourlifewithmpd | April 26, 2016

Major breakthrough


  1. Fascinating discussion about the color wheel (that’s what it sounds like as you describe it, and probably why you may be feeling dizzy about now).

    My online success has been marginal, so what I have to offer may not be worth much, but I’ll ramble in hopes you find something positively useful.

    I suspect my marginal online success is not necessarily about me. But, given what I’ve learned in the Master Keys, it certainly indicates I may not be where I need to be in my service to others. It may also mean others aren’t where they need to be for my offerings to be of value to them.

    For instance, I’m interested in your edible landscaping courses, but I’m so far out from needing the information that I’m not even planning for what to do with my yard yet. I can’t do much on the landscaping until Mr. L gets further in painting (we’re not going to landscape near the house while we have to be putting scaffolding up and down). In this instance, it isn’t you, it’s all about timing.

    I got the design course notice yesterday, and, again, timing isn’t right for me, but I’m thinking maybe that January window you mentioned might be a good idea because Mr. L and I are thinking about where we want to place the sage, rosebush, and shrimp plants.

    I was slow to adjust to the “diagnosis” that I was a Blue, because, as a strong introvert, I didn’t really see the intimacy, but White is close behind on the percentages, and I definitely get the Peace thing. I will do almost anything to achieve peace. Trailing behind that is Red, which, to me really seems to complicate matters. I need intimacy but have to have peace at all costs, and I want it now, dammit. My Yellow trails so far behind I don’t recognize it, which makes perfect sense, because I’ve often thought I didn’t have a clue how to have fun.

    Scarcity, want, and feelings of insignificance are so challenging to rewrite in the blueprint because they have infiltrated to the core. They’ve been nurtured for 50 years, and even two years of a new blueprint isn’t going to eradicate them. It will take more time, more determination, and more using the tools at our disposal to get that steel-encased, rebar-reinforced cement off.

    Don’t give up. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I am not “tolerating” you. I interact with you because I want to (and, because you interact back — grin).

    Understanding the spending money to achieve intimacy, fun, and peacefulness thing is a key to figuring out how to find other ways to achieve that. And, hey, random people on the internet (which I am not) may not be so bad. As long as they are not scammers. I’ve met wonderful people on the internet. It takes a long time to build trust and achieve awareness about each other to the level where intimacy (the Blue kind, not the kind I tend to think of when I read that word) is possible, but you can have a lot of fun building that trust and intimacy, and it can be peaceful, too. It takes time, though, and we tend to want it NOW (or is that my Red powerplay coming through?). Maybe the Yellow can more go with the flow?

    You say you have to sell yourself on your core being solid. I say I have to brainwash myself, but I think we’re talking about the same thing. We have to keep repeating certain mantras when the old blueprint negativity creeps in (and with me, that’s more than hourly). A concerted application of all of the Laws of the Mind is necessary for me, but I’m noticing some encouraging results. I know you’ve seen them in you, too. Keep reminding yourself that you are loved, you love yourself, you are cherished, and you are on the positive track to achieving your dreams, one day, one hour, one step, one thought at a time.

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