Posted by: ourlifewithmpd | April 1, 2015

So what I got out of this course …

The class I was taking is over with, and I thought I’d share with you some of the things I’ve learned and gotten …

  • I’m pretty sure I had some sort of anxiety disorder before I started this thing.
    • I don’t wake up with anxiety any more most days, and if I do, I know exactly what to do about it 🙂
    • I react to things calmly, without getting stressed out by every little thing
    • I don’t feel like I have to defend myself or have opinions on every little thing
    • I don’t feel paranoid about the world or the economy or my neighbors or all the things I used to feel paranoid about
    • I don’t feel scared all the time like I used to
    • I feel positive more than I do negative
  • For the first time, my others have worked together to help me
  • I’ve had a lot of insights lately
    • in my character
    • in my past in general
    • more as to the nature of what specifically happened
  • I lost some weight (like 8 pounds, which blasted through a weight loss plateau I’d had for two years or more) without trying to or stressing/freaking out about losing or not losing (more insights there. Note: I am overweight by about 30 pounds, not anorexic — if you’re anorexic and looking to “lose weight” you won’t find help here, but you might decide losing weight isn’t what you really wanted)
  • I know now how to get rid of the things I see as limiting me and instead take on more constructive thoughts and behaviors
  • I can use the negatives such as fear, guilt, unworthy feelings, hurt feelings and anger as tools which help me rather than things to overcome. This was huge for me.
  • My physical health is much better than it was before
  • I feel better than I ever have
  • I know what I want out of my life and I’m getting to a definite plan to get there. And if I get stuck, I have several ways to get unstuck, one of which I haven’t even tried much yet.

So do I think this was worth it? Hell yeah. It was a tough six months but not anything as difficult as the 52 years prior to it 😉

I feel like I can do just about anything now.

I’m not saying all this to sell you on it, although if you did want to take the class I’d be happy for you. I have felt like I needed to write all this down, so I could see it in print. Does that make any sense? And this seemed as good a place as any to write it down, since you know what a mess I was before. LOL

So yay!



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