Posted by: ourlifewithmpd | January 4, 2015


I had an interesting insight this week. For my MKMMA class exercise this week, we were supposed to think about harmony.

Now, harmony is an interesting thing for me, having a music background I immediately thought of multiple notes together coming to make something bigger and better. And as you might think, I find the concept amusing and meaningful both.

I feel as if one of the goals we have is to become in harmony: even the word has har mo ny, three in one, making something out of parts which aren’t whole without each other. In the past, things have been like an orchestra where each person is playing a different song, sort of like that part at the beginning where everyone is tuning up. What I would like is for us all to work together to make one song, something that we all want and can get behind.

There are organs that make all sorts of orchestral sounds, and one person can play and sound like an orchestra (I have a friend who plays the organ for his church) … but this is where the analogy breaks down. At present it is more like 50 people trying to play the organ, shoving each other out of the way. Or rather, I suppose, 16 (they were saying 12 this morning but I’m thinking it was just some trying to hide). They have been very quiet these past few weeks due to the holidays I think.

But I really do want harmony in my life. I feel as if things will not improve until this happens, because internal discord just doesn’t work when you’re trying to deal with the real world in a professional manner.


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