Posted by: ourlifewithmpd | December 12, 2014

Kind of left you hanging there …

Sorry about that.

I did not get kicked out; the problem was a miscommunication between my guides and I because I misinterpreted something they said, which they kept repeating. And I didn’t know I had the option of talking to them on the phone.

So I talked to them on the phone and it was okay.

But something interesting happened: Pam wrote an email.

And I found out that Pam does not do anything. She makes sure things get done.

So for her to actually communicate with the outside world must have meant that things were all going to hell inside and she felt it important enough that we not be kicked out to take action.

I don’t actually remember much, just that things were going all to hell inside.

My littles are still convinced that people there hate us because no one ever replied to the email, but oh well.

Some of my system were very upset this morning because they think we’re wasting our time on this and nothing will come of it. I think they’re scared things actually will change … 🙂

But I got some insights as to what does need changing, so it was good.



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