Posted by: ourlifewithmpd | March 12, 2014

Oh, really??

So I was in the shower just now and thinking about how I’m going to talk to someone about my illness.

Now the reason I’m going to talk to her at all is because I’ve started doing network marketing and she’s my district manager, and since I’m going to be doing business with her it stands to reason that she be aware of the situation. I shared it with the person who sponsored me — who I’ve known online for 3 years now — and that went pretty well. And I feel like I can hopefully trust this lady not to freak out. We’ll see.

Anyway, back to the shower. So I was thinking about what I might say, and someone starts going on about how there were 160 of us.

And I was like, “oh, really??”

Because the last thing I ever got from them was 120!

So I asked them about it and they said, “well, we didn’t want to bother you with that, you seemed to like the number 120 so we stuck with it.” Then they got into this discussion about whether there were 164 or 165.

Okay … LOL

At least life isn’t boring.



  1. I know how all of you have felt and I hope that things will get better for you. You deserve the best. I remember working with my 57 alters and the days after days and years after year of being in this quagmire of knowing how I would ever be okay so to speak. I did not think I could ever see the light of day. I was so tired of feeling suicidal all the time an so I started by moving to a wonderful island in the state that I live and this is where I started getting the best help not only in therapy but in deciding to write my Memoir. I had in the beginning 8 little ones who were not even six years of age and I needed help with them. I know this may sonld funny to some people however I decided to call a child psychologist about my little ones and with in a few years Through my therapy with him I was able to integrate my little ones. I got so tired of being afraid all the time and feeling anxious all the time I decided I needed to do things that could help me in the best way possible. Today I am one whole integrated person just because I wanted something better for myself because I knew I deserved it which you also deserve. Fear is the door step to a new life! We need to walk through that door!

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