Posted by: ourlifewithmpd | August 26, 2013

More thoughts about the United States of Tara

I’m thinking I was a bit harsh with my last post, but I haven’t changed my views significantly from what was written earlier.

I don’t feel angry with the actress — she seemed to be doing a decent job with the role she was given.

The writers? They were probably being fed crap from someone. Obviously they had never actually MET someone with MPD/DID, or done a whole lot of research on it.

But I’ve been thinking about something in the first episode that’s been bugging me — what the husband says: “you knew when she went off her meds that they would start coming out” or something to that effect.

Well, that’s another thing the writers got wrong: there’s really no “meds” for MPD/DID. That, I think, is one reason it’s allowed to languish in “we don’t believe it’s real” land. If the pharmaceutical companies could find a pill for it, there’d be all sorts of resources suddenly available to funnel us to people ready to prescribe.



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