Posted by: ourlifewithmpd | May 9, 2013

Painting or drawing

I really like painting and drawing. I’m pretty good at drawing plants.

Sometimes painting or drawing what you feel, or what your alters are showing you, or something you dreamed, helps you feel better. Or it can give you insight into something that might have happened.

It’s best to tell your therapist about this one and call someone you trust if you start feeling really bad, because sometimes you can bring up things that are upsetting. But a lot of times just sketching or painting random stuff makes you feel better, especially if you treat the things you make with respect. Let your paintings dry and hang them, or bind them together to make a book. Don’t just throw them away like your abusers did or shame yourself for making them.

You deserve better than that.

If you want to you can take a photo of what you made and post the link to it below.


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