Posted by: ourlifewithmpd | March 8, 2013

Moving forward

I reached my goal yesterday!

It was very encouraging, because normally when I do something like this (yanno, ask people to actually help me for once) I get absolutely nothing. But this time, it has worked! And I still have a couple months to go.

What’s different now? I’ve been thinking about this.

But first, some observations:

So far I’ve had one person from a FB fitness group, and three women from an online business group I belong to, and two anonymous donors, I hope corresponding to the two men on the same business group who said they donated.

My FB friends? Two have “liked” my (three) posts about it.

My daughter, on the other hand, is walking with me and has gotten one of her friends to walk too — and one of my sons is seriously thinking about walking with us.

It’s making me think about moving forward, improving my life, and what it means.

One thing was that for the first time I felt okay about asking. Normally I feel uncomfortable about asking for help (even though this isn’t actually going to me or anything, it’s to help others), and maybe that shows.

The response from the business group was immediate and positive, and that was very encouraging. I don’t know any of these people in real life, and I’ve interacted with very few of them even on this forum group, but they were ready to donate just like that. It felt really good.

Anyway, if you feel as if no one helps you ever, you need new friends.

Figure out something to do that is improving your life and helping you to move forward — the people you’ll meet there are the ones to watch, to imitate, and to be around, even if it’s just online.

Don’t go to take, go to help yourself and help others with what you can, and when you find something you can really support, the support you need to make things happen will be there with you.


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