Posted by: ourlifewithmpd | September 13, 2012

Managing time


Losing time is what I find to be the biggest problem with having MPD/DID these days, and it makes it really hard to get anything done. With a spouse, three children, two rabbits, and a house/yard to manage, not to mention running a business, I’ve been constantly looking at reminder-type things to help us stay on track. It’s like scheduling a bus full of people with ADD who all want to drive.

I have a calendar in the kitchen that everything goes on. I told the kids that if it’s not on that schedule it isn’t happening, and they shouldn’t count on me to remind them either.

I’m online a lot and since I use Firefox I go the SimpleTimer browser app, which works pretty well. I go through these sorts of apps all the time, as they tend to have a lot of turnover I think because Firefox updates so much and they just can’t keep up.

The rabbits help with the yard, oddly enough. I have to feed them (I get nightmares about finding them starved to death sometimes) so I have to go out and pull weeds, which gets me out of the house and into the sun. That seems to help my mental state quite a bit.

My business website puts out a newsletter once a week, so I have a backup system now, after forgetting to send one twice this year already. It has a newsletter already queued to be sent if I forget. If I don’t forget, I just cancel that and queue it for the next week.

I suppose if I forget two weeks in a row something has really gone wrong, seeing as I have reminders on my computer too.

One big problem is that one of us promises to do something and then it doesn’t get done. Or signs up to get a newsletter and then we have too much email. Or gets a free download and no one ever reads it or applies it. Or worse, buys something that we don’t use with money we can’t afford to spend. All this falls under communication issues … which we haven’t gotten sorted out yet.



  1. I just couldn’t resist. I also enjoy getting out and pulling weeds for the bunnies. While I’m in the hutch I find myself mesmerized by their gentleness and sweet fluffiness. They just put me at ease.

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