Posted by: ourlifewithmpd | September 6, 2012

Men and women

I just came across this review of a movie that recently came out called “Beasts of the Southern Wilds”. The review is probably triggering, the movie sounds very triggering. But it sparked some thoughts, especially after reading another article on why men oppress women a week or so ago.

I think the second article gets close then skitters away.

I think it has to do with abuse.

Okay, you know this might be triggering.

I’ve become convinced that there are men who are severely damaged, and I think it’s probably due to sexual abuse. They associate sex with humiliation and loss of control, so with any sexual thought they feel a compulsion to control, to overpower, to dominate, to maim, to kill.

I also think that it’s a good bet that these men were sexually abused and/or dominated to a terrifying extent (or both) by a female figure when very small, possibly before they could even speak. The pre-verbal time is very powerful, and forms a good part of your subconscious thoughts and reactions.

I’m not saying this has to be the mother. But if it’s been drilled into a man through painful experience that women (and sex) involve terror, pain, humiliation, betrayal, and total loss of control, wouldn’t it stand to reason that this man will want to make sure this never happens again? To attack a woman’s sexuality at every turn, to make sure she’s put in her place, oppressed and beaten and tormented?

Believe me, women can and do sexually abuse children.

Sit with this, stay safe, talk to someone who cares about you. The truth will set you free.



  1. I have found that too – that women abuse as well. I’ve heard people talk about men feeling powerless, so they try to usurp the power of others. It’s a mixed bag 😦

    Our best,

    • It’s a chicken or egg thing … but I do believe we all have choices about what we do to others.

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