Posted by: ourlifewithmpd | August 13, 2012

The anger


  1. We believe you. But, we’re nodding our head in agreement … the part where you “inside” believe … that’s really all that matters. We’re hoping to pull together a strong support network for people like you and me that make DID/MPD News for writing their experiences in a way that understands the blog writing makes a lot of abilitating sense to the writer, but also to the DID/MPD community (the news also includes negatives coming in from the “broader community – singletons” through Google … I wanted to contribute a space where conversation be had on multiplicity. We are interested in your thoughts in this direction. If you want to be disincluded, just let us know. It’s been our thought that writers though like to be read – and we’re hoping to bring more awareness to the strengths in the community like you.

    Always our best,

    • Sounds good.

      • Thank you!!!! Write on my dear, right on!

  2. Reblogged this on Being Emily living plural and commented:
    Add yourI can relate to this so much, although some of it doesnt apply to us. We can relate to the anger part, the rage, the shere anger and being totally pissy with it all, so putting it here…

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