Posted by: ourlifewithmpd | August 28, 2011

Things that help me

I’ve found that particular things have really helped over the years, so I thought I would make a list:

* Hypnosis helped at first, just to begin finding out who was there. It’s controversial. I don’t believe anyone can put memories in you or anything like that but you want to find a therapist who you absolutely trust, who understands MPD/DID, and who believes that you are telling the truth.

* I had a specialist who did Rapid Eye Therapy and Reiki in an intensive setting. These helped me integrate quite a few of us, reveal a big issue which had caused six of us to split off, and got us off of medications for severe chronic depression. Unfortunately he is no longer in practice.

*¬†The Holosync Solution — This is a series of CDs that help you meditate. You don’t have to do anything other than get a player and a set of headphones to use it; you don’t have to already know how to meditate.

I started using this back in 2001 or so, after I had the intensive therapy that was able to get me off of medication, but this has done more for me overall than any of that. I love love love this and use it as often as I can. Get the free demo, then save up your money and get this. It saved my life.

Ignore the hype on the first page and go dig around for the science part of it. It really seriously does work.

* Follow people on social media whose posts lift you up. Here are the ones I like so far:



* Try to think of what you have accomplished and the good things in your life. Sometimes it feels like a very short list, but writing it down really helps.

I’ll put more as I think of it, and link this to my FAQ page.


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