Posted by: ourlifewithmpd | December 8, 2010

Good article, but …

Self-care of your multiple selves

Like so many therapists she has to get into the “obviously I’m not multiple but I’m a therapist and so I am smarter and know better” mode at the beginning:

Though you may feel like you have many selves, from my trauma therapist point of view I feel the need to clarify terminology. Dissociative disorders are now seen as a fragmented identity rather than completely different personalities (hence the move from MPD to DID).

Which I found patronizing.

However. I do understand that she was trying to make the point that we’re all one person, rather than a bunch of people in one body (aka possessed). I’m sure there are a few people who make that assumption but whatever.

Once you get past that, the article is actually pretty good. It talks about the generalities of self-care (would be nice to see a therapist talk about specifics once in a while but at least they’re trying).

I particularly like the thoughts about not blaming each other for the abuse and about taking care of ourselves regarding reading and participating in stuff online. It’s very very easy to get triggered online (case in point) … I might write a bit about this topic in regards to the latest Facebook status debacle later if I’m around.

We’re farther along than most, I guess … I’m just grateful I had someone who actually believed us (and our experience, which was much deeper than “fragmented identity”) in the beginning and got us started on the path to recovery, without being inappropriate or looking down on us. Most are not so lucky.

Anyway, this just goes to show, like anything you read, even on “help” venues, you have to take what helps and dump the rest. Skip down to the bulleted part if you think the beginning of the article will trigger you, and you’ll be fine.


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