Posted by: ourlifewithmpd | August 2, 2010

little things

Little things can mess you up when you have this condition.

I have:

-two places that haven’t delivered photos that I ordered FOR MONTHS
-my abuser has been evicted and of course there’s drama
-relatives are all of a sudden going “why didn’t you tell me???” when they have no phone and act like assholes to people who DO talk to them
-relatives that are actively trying to cause trouble because that’s what they do
-another relative died
-a site that I’m supposed to be working on has instructions that are incomprehensible and help staff that don’t
-general feeling overwhelmed with daily life stuff
-and now here’s August, my second worst time of the year (behind the xmas season)

I just want to hide somewhere. I want to bitchslap most of my relatives. I want to cry and scream. I want to drop off the map.

I am beyond angry.


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