Posted by: ourlifewithmpd | July 8, 2010

still dangling

Living with the enemy (warning, discusses gang-rape and has graphic descriptions of torture)

About torture and genocide, it really speaks to me and mine tonight.

The tortured person loses what Améry called “trust in the world”: a belief in the social contract, a belief that the boundaries of the body will be respected, a belief that the world wants to share itself with you. Trust in the world means that you, too, are entitled to a minimal safety and a minimal life: though the world might not shower you with happiness, it will at least defend your right to exist. The loss of that trust, Améry argued, is a kind of mutilation. That is why “whoever was tortured, stays tortured… It was over for a while. It still is not over. Twenty-two years later I am still dangling.”


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