Posted by: ourlifewithmpd | June 4, 2010

Dealing with health issues

Before I was diagnosed with MPD, I had all kinds of stuff wrong with me, most of which no one seemed to be able to help with, but it seemed as though — if I were diagnosing myself, which as an MD wasn’t too much of a stretch — I’d say that I had pretty bad fibromyalgia. Eighteen months of Prozac (and some major therapy and integration work) seemed to take care of that, but in the ten years since then I’ve come across a few aches and pains.

(to understate things)

I’ve found a couple of things REALLY helpful: one is perusing Louise Hay’s Heal Your Body, and the other is talking to your insiders.

Yeah, I’m serious.

Finding out what’s going on and enlisting their aid in fixing it has kept me extremely healthy. I’m very very proud of them and their work.

We do have rules: no one is allowed to hurt the body (that includes cutting, picking scabs, hitting oneself, bumping into things “accidentally”, etc), the penalty for that being (if intentional) not being allowed to be out for the next special event, or for a week or two if nothing special is coming up. If it wasn’t intentional then they are on notice. In either case, they are required to fix the problem.

At first we used to be very punitive to those who broke this rule but that’s eased back some as we realized that this is hurting ourselves as well.

So anyway, it’s not actually necessary to be in pain or sick just because you’re a multiple. It happens sometimes but if you all get together and fix things then usually you get better right away.



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