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Why it’s probably better not to come out as multiple

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Major breakthrough

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I wrote some private posts since the last time. Here are the parts you might care about.

I’ve been very golden bees lately, I’d say for the past several weeks. Or months.

Inside man has decided his name is Mark.

Things … I want to say they aren’t going well but I don’t really know. This could be just what I need. Who am I to say.

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So I think I lost 4 months.

I mean, I have a vague idea as to what happened, but I realized something was wrong when I saw that I haven’t done my website stats for four freaking months. I don’t know what’s going on with my business. I don’t remember Thanksgiving or Halloween, and while I vaguely remember Christmas, I don’t actually know what happened.

I haven’t lost this much time before ever. I know I went to New Orleans a few weeks ago. I remember some of it.

This is really weird. But I guess they all took care of things for me.

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I’m okay to go

I feel right now like the gal in Contact where she’s scared out of her mind but wants whatever is going to happen so bad that she’s telling everyone “I’m okay to go”

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All these good things are happening

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Things are happening

But for the most part they are Good Things. 🙂

My novel is out. It might be triggery for littles, it really depends on what triggers them. I’m sure you can figure it out.

I’ve been going round and round about certain issues with my business, mostly in the financial realm. I want very much to be successful in this area, but up to now it’s been difficult. But I’m sure there are many people who would love to be in my situation, so I try not to stress about it, as that’s counter-productive. But I do feel as if I’ve been holding myself back out of fear.

Fear has been one of my companions for as long as I can remember, and yet knowing that is part of the solution. One of my goals is to heal some physical issues which have been with me that in the Heal Your Body book are symptoms of fear. But it’s only been recently that I’ve focused on confidence, courage, and boldness instead of on ‘not being afraid’. There’s a big difference. 🙂


Jon has been having a good deal of troubles off and on this year, and they also revolve around fear. It’s a situation none of us are really sure how to resolve, other than to carefully consider all the options. So far, we’ve been taking the conservative approach, but it’s not very satisfactory to anyone. Sorry about being so vague, but I don’t know who reads this and I don’t want to betray a confidence.

But I think the situation is also a good thing, because it really has helped with the books. (he’s our main writer) Angst is a great motivator of novelling.

Now he’s worried people will take it oddly that a character in my books is also named Jon, and make assumptions. Be assured the issues he’s facing are much different than the ones that particular character faces in that series.

He’s teamed up with another inside man, though (who has no name that I know of), and we developed a pen name for them to write a new series in the same universe, although with a different genre. I’m hoping that by the time anyone figures it out that both will be doing well. I think it’s good for them to have something useful to do.


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Difficult week

This past week I had a lot of difficult things happening at once. I felt extremely stressed, and something happened that I don’t think I’ve experienced before.

Have you ever tried to stir something thick with a really cheap flimsy plastic spoon and it just snaps?

That’s what it felt like inside my head. Snap.

I don’t know what it means or why it happened, and I’ve sort of given up on finding the answers to those kind of questions.

I feel okay, but there’s more space inside since then, which usually means someone integrated. But I have no idea who.

So many questions.

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Doing well

I sort of wanted to post an update, because I’m about to post something on another blog linking to here. So there might be people who show up. LOL.

I’m doing pretty well. I’ve been working 8-10 hours a day on my novel which is coming out in December. I set a deadline for myself to have it done by October 1st, so everything else has gone on the back burners. I’ve been working on my yard and keeping my businesses going. I’m looking into buying some rental property and selling one of my businesses. I may have a buyer for it.

I’ve also been doing training to become a guide in the Master Key Experience (or MKMMA, whichever you want to call it), which is opening to new members tomorrow. This guide training has been interesting, because I’m learning as much about myself as I am how to guide others.

(not teach, guide — very different things)

My people have been very helpful and I really enjoy working together with them, which was one of my True Health goals. I did lose about an hour a few days ago, causing me to miss an appointment. I was in the shower, which wasn’t too surprising as Things Happened there. But I haven’t lost time in quite a while, so I’m thinking someone is there that I (and those of us who are co-conscious) didn’t know about.

It’s new to have someone around that none of us knew about. (at least, no one is claiming to know) It’s encouraging, actually, because that means that something is happening inside deeper than has happened before.

Although the time has been stressful here and there, overall it’s been good. I’m having fun! 🙂 From the MKMMA class I learned how to deal with stress and fear, which is just what I needed for this time.

Anyway, that’s what’s going on. I hope all of you are well and making progress. This is what I call progress:

  1. awareness of what you feel
  2. letting yourself feel it
  3. accepting your feelings, whatever they are

This whole illness, in my view, is about denying what we feel. That gives the feelings too much power, blocks memory, causes splitting, and prevents healing. But that’s just how I feel about it. You may have a totally different view, and that’s okay.


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I’ve had troubles with summer in the past. This year seems better but I’ve been foggy and emotional.

One thing I noticed is that when you begin to get well, things begin shaking up. People you used to be intimidated by just seem sad and pathetic, and those you used to think were bland and boring are actually good solid people.

People around you treat you like they used to but you have changed, so they don’t know what to make of it.

I seem to be able to get way more done these days, which is good.

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